About Us

Great Brands have one thing in common — they have a point of view. They know where they’ve been and they know where they’re going. They are passionate, purpose-driven and uncompromising in what they believe. The right POV can inspire team members to be their best.  To Take pride in their work. To give that little extra that makes all the difference in the world. If done right, it will build trust and loyalty with people you might have thought were unreachable. And in the end, you’ll create much more than just guests. You’ll create an army of believers and brand ambassadors.

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Our Brand Promise

We believe in balance. We believe that there is a difference between eating to live and living when you eat. We are unreasonable in the lengths we will go to strike the perfect balance of Delicious AND Nutritious. To make our culture nurturing and inspiring. To make our concept innovative and remarkable. We’ll stop at nothing to deliver a different kind of delicious.

Our passion for showing the world how delicious nutritious can be is what sets us apart. We taste. We cook. We invent. We want every experience to create a “WOW!” Moment for our guests to help them live their best life. We work harder. We work as a team. We love what we do and we want to share it with the world.

It’s what drives us and makes us fanatics about putting Love in Every Pita so that the world may Feel Brighter on the Inside. That’s our promise.

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Crafted fresh every day with authentic recipes

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Rooted in meals that go back thousands of years

When we were growing up people’s concerns were mostly around calories and fat.  

Today the concern is more about the chemicals in our food than the calories.

Going forward people will seek out foods that are rich in nutrients.  It’s our mission to serve food that is both delicious and nutritious.

Mediterranean food and old world recipes meet that stringent requirement.

This is where the puck is going.

Kelly Roddy  Chief Executive Officer

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Let’s Get Started

Ready to bring freshness, originality, and “WOW” moments to your community? For more information about franchise opportunities with Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, fill out the form below or drop us a line at (610) 638-0489 to get started.

  • Please note: you must meet the minimum requirements of $150,000 in liquid assets and $250,000 net worth, and credit score of 700.